The Intake Department at Austin Oaks Hospital, provides a no cost, confidential mental health assessment 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. All mental health admissions are based on clinical necessity. We cannot offer diagnosis, counseling, or recommendations online, but an Admissions Coordinator is available 24hours/7days a week at 512-440-4800. If you are currently experiencing an emergency please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

When you enter the admission area, you will be greeted by a hospital staff member. Adults and children/adolescents have separate waiting areas in our facility. An admissions nurse will meet with you and explain the admission process. Please be prepared to spend 30 to 60 minutes completing initial paperwork. At this time, staff will discuss which items are allowed on the unit. Patients will be seen by their psychiatrist within 24 hours of admission.

Please be prepared to bring:

  • Form of ID
  • Insurance card
  • Emergency contact information
  • List of current prescription medications
  • Medical Power of Attorney or Guardianship Paperwork

To learn more about what you need to bring to the admissions process, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also reach us via our secure contact form.