Adult Inpatient Program

Austin Oaks Hospital offers acute inpatient care for adults age 18 and up who are experiencing moderate to severe psychiatric and behavioral problems. Our inpatient adult psychiatric services and programs are tailored to the patient’s needs, enabling them to more effectively cope with emotions and maladaptive behaviors. Treatment emphasizes return-to-work, return-to-life strategies and cognitive therapies to help patients transition from the hospital smoothly and in the shortest possible time. Our personalized treatment and aftercare plans address a broad range of needs, with specific consideration to each patient. Comprehensive assessment and treatment may include individual and group therapy, as well as family education.

When Do I Need to go to the Hospital?

Psychiatric hospitals are designed to be safe settings for intensive mental health treatment including observation, diagnosis, individual and group psychotherapy and medication management. . It is a safe place to be if you are feeling out of control, having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, having trouble taking care of yourself or your family or if you are experiencing other serious symptoms . Psychiatric hospitalization may treat a variety of mental illnesses, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and extreme anxiety.

Because inpatient care interrupts daily life, hospitalization should be reserved for situations when round-the-clock safety, observation and care are required. Most hospital stays are only long enough to resolve the most urgent issues, from a few days to a few weeks. Alternatives can relieve the need for full hospital care or serve as part of the discharge process and, depending on availability, may include short term crisis stabilization units or psychiatric emergency rooms, intensive outpatient treatment or partial hospitalization, residential treatment or housing with intensive long term services and supports.

Inpatient Care Includes:

  • Rapid Stabilization and effective transition to home and community
  • Evidenced supported Cognitive Behavior treatment
  • Medication Evaluation and Management
  • Individual Group and Psychotherapy
  • Family Therapy as Clinically indicated
  • Medication management and education
  • Patient Psycho-education groups
  • Expressive and Recreational Therapies
  • Multidisciplinary team approach
  • Relapse prevention plan

Pride Program

Our LGBTQ PRIDE tract provides guidance in developing coping skills, life balance and other tools needed for support and healthy living.

Each patient will receive individual, couple, family and group therapies as appropriate. With a primary counselor, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed and tailored to suit the needs of each patient.

  • Austin Oaks recognizes the diversity of LGBTQ+ families.
  • Whether biological, family of choice or a combination, patients are encouraged each week to invite family and friends to a Wednesday or Sunday support group prior to visiting hours.
  • Each patient invites their defined family to attend structured education, large-group therapy sessions as part of the Kindred Family Support Groups. 
  • The Kindred Program is available for supportive kindred family members of our patients and is a great opportunity for family members to begin to see how their lives will change when their loved one is in recovery. 
  • These groups will be held prior to Family Visitation in the Cafeteria. 

Therapy topics include:

  • Health education
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • HIV and chronic illness
  • Trauma 
  • Grief and loss
  • Women’s group
  • Body image group
  • Transgender support group
  • Relapse prevention
  • Cognitive skills education
  • Anger management
  • Relational and sexual health (includes online safety)

Pride Lifers Support Group

Held once a month in the Outpatient Building, this group is therapist led, but is more support-group than educational. There is no charge assessed to past patients who wish to attend and no limit to the amount of time a past patient can attend. 


Austin Oaks Hospital accepts most major insurance, including Medicare. Travis County residents who meet certain criteria may qualify for financial assistance. Our admissions staff is available to address any concerns you may have about your specific coverage.