Partial Hospitalization

Everyday life can be overwhelming and sometimes people need help coping with their problems. It may not require an overnight hospital stay, but can be serious enough that outpatient counseling is not enough. Partial hospitalization is for people who need medication management in a safe environment that promotes crisis resolution, problem solving skills, and personal growth. Austin Oaks Hospital’s partial hospitalization program offers comprehensive treatment for adults and older adults who do not require 24-hour care. Participants attend group therapy during the day or evening and return home each day.

Participants are encouraged to practice skills learned in group as they continue everyday activities in their home and/or work environment. The Partial Hospitalization Program empowers clients as a supportive transitional treatment following inpatient hospitalization, but it is also accessible directly from the community.

Who Benefits from Partial Hospitalization?

Partial Hospitalization is designed for persons who are experiencing mental health/addictive disorder problems and have enough support and stability to be at home in the evenings, but require immediate intervention to promote recovery and prevent inpatient stay. Patients who are treated in the Partial Hospitalization program often suffer from depression, anxiety, addictive disorders, grief-related issues, codependency, self-esteem and anger management issues.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Minimal family and home life disruption allowing them to maintain important links to their family and the community
  • An opportunity to practice newly learned skills at home in the evening and thus be aware of strengths and abilities to promote confidence and independence
  • A less stressful transition from the hospital to the home environment
  • A safe alternative to those not requiring hospitalization

Hours of Program:

Clients attend 5 times per week for 6 hours per day. From 9 to 3pm.

Therapy Program:

In Austin Oaks Hospital’s partial hospitalization program, a psychiatrist-led team of diverse, masters-level clinicians will assess each client and assist the client in creating a unique treatment plan using the following program services:

  • Psychiatrist-led treatment planning
  • Intensive case management
  • Interpersonal learning through group therapy
  • Experiential learning in recreational therapy
  • Nursing service
  • Individual and family therapy if directed by physician
  • Chemical dependency education
  • Educational groups for daily living
  • Medication management and continued support
  • Comprehensive discharge planning


The Partial Hospitalization Program is covered by most major insurance companies, including Medicare (Part B). If you also have Medicare supplementary insurance, the deductible and 20 percent co-pay may also be covered. Travis County residents who meet criteria may qualify for financial assistance. Our admission staff is available to address any concerns you may have about your specific coverage.