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A Welcome Message from Steve Kelly


Thank you for your interest in Austin Oaks Hospital. We hope that you find our website helpful in gaining information that will help you understand all that Austin Oaks has to offer. Through many professional disciplines, we offer a true continuum of care that addresses the needs of our community. Our goal is to provide unique and specific treatment approaches to allow for a more stable future for the individuals we serve.

From our inpatient care to our outpatient services, our continuum of care provides the mental health treatment necessary to move our population towards a more independent and normalized future. Whether it is a child, adolescent, or adult, it is our goal that they leave Austin Oaks with the tools to succeed.

On behalf of the entire staff of the Austin Oaks Hospital, thank you for your time and interest in us. We look forward to being a positive member of your community. Most of all, we look forward to helping you and your loved one on the path to healing and growth.


Steve Kelly, CEO

We are your trusted partner serving the Behavioral Healthcare needs of our community

Call 512-440-4800 and speak with a wellness expert in our intake office.

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