Using Art to Heal

Expressive Therapy is an umbrella term for certified and licensed, Music, Art, Dance/Movement & Recreation Therapies. These modalities are powerful tools that reach individuals of all ages for greater self-expression healing and hands-on coping skills through powerful, experiential, evidence-based modalities. In turn, these individuals are able to utilize these tools while inpatient and in their everyday lives. This approach to therapy has been successful with all ages and all levels of functioning. Unlike traditional art or music expression, the process of creation is emphasized rather than the final product. The Expressive Therapy Department is a unique asset to Austin Oaks. These unique therapies are offered on all the levels of care.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a creative process as well as the created art pieces that serve as a foundation for self-exploration, understanding, acceptance and eventually healing and personal growth.

Music Therapy


Music Therapy is the use of music and music-making in a therapeutic relationship between patient and therapist. Music Therapy helps patients communicate, process difficult experiences, and improve motor or cognitive functioning.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy utilizes recreation and leisure skills or interests, to address the assessed needs of the individual. Intervention modalities include games, sports, crafts, and skill enhancement activities.

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