Supporting a Loved One with a Mental Health Diagnosis

Having a loved one go through a mental health crisis can be a challenging time not only for the patient, but the family as well. When someone is going through a mental health crisis their judgment may be impaired. They may disagree with their diagnosis and say they are perfectly fine to manage their mental health on their own. This [...]

2022-10-19T13:14:32-05:00October 18th, 2022|

Incorporating Self-Care into Everyday Practice

Over the last decade as society has made strides toward reducing the stigma around mental health, the term “self-care” has grown in popularity. While people have differing opinions on what is considered self-care, in general it can be thought of as any practice that promotes our wellness and health. Oftentimes when we think of self-care, we think of big [...]

2022-10-20T12:13:24-05:00October 18th, 2022|

Intimacy Following Sexual Trauma

What to Expect and How to Avoid Re-Traumatization There are many different reactions that occur in regard to intimacy following a sexual trauma. There are complex reactions that stem from an attempt for self-protection and re-gaining control following this kind of trauma, whether it be conscious or unconscious. Types of Sexual Trauma Reactions Some people who have experienced sexual [...]

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