Programs for Children & Adolescents

African American male guidance counselor talks with a group of high school students about their plans for college.Services for children and adolescents at Austin Oaks Hospital are specifically designed to meet the mental health care needs of patients ages 4 through 17. Individuals experiencing serious behavioral disturbance or an inability to function at home or school may be appropriate for treatment. Each patient is provided with a variety of opportunities to learn new skills and to achieve success. Treatment consists primarily of group, family and individual therapies. Family therapy is an integral part of treatment and family members are encouraged to address problems and frustrations that have contributed to the current crisis.

In The Children’s Program, treatment focuses on helping the patient identify emotions and correct maladaptive behaviors that have contributed to current conflicts at school and at home. Positive behavior is rewarded through earning privileged, and other basic tenets of behavior modification are used to shape appropriate conduct and to promote effective impulse control.

The Adolescent Program utilizes the peer group to bring about change, and places the focus of treatment on helping the adolescent develop a positive self-image, appropriate socialization skills and healthy communication. The treatment team emphasizes the importance of learning to accept responsibility for individual behavior and developing healthy modes of interaction with others.


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